New York State Safe Deposit Association (NYSSDA)

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The New York State Safe Deposit Association (NYSDDA) was organized in 1906.  The Association is a non-profit, voluntary membership organization.  Its members are commercial banks, thrifts, and other organizations in the retail safe deposit business.  Member organizations make available to the public hundreds of thousands of safe deposit boxes.

What does "NYSSDA" Do?  NYSSDA serves the needs of its member organizations.  NYSSDA’s governing Board of Directors, its Officers and its member organizations provide an intelligent, alert network of individuals who know all aspects of the safe deposit business.  Through periodic business meetings, luncheons, educational events, and through various publications, NYSSDA provides a forum for keeping representatives of its member organizations up to date and aware of the intricacies of their business.

How do Members Benefit?  Membership in NYSSDA provides organizations with comfort that they will have timely access to current state of the art information.  Members will be made aware of trends, ideas, new developments and pending and actual legal and regulatory requirements.  Organizations serious about being in the safe deposit business use membership as an inexpensive way of keeping “plugged in” to industry happenings.

How to Join!  NYSSDA cordially invites all organizations doing a safe deposit business to join and to participate actively in its efforts to promote friendly cooperation and competition and better safe deposit practices.  An application for membership is included in the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION section of this website.

If your organization takes a serious view of the safe deposit business, it should join NYSSDA.  If you need more information about NYSSDA feel free to call the Executive Secretary, who will be happy to talk with you about NYSSDA and, if you like, to put you in touch with other members who have benefited from membership.