One NYSSDA service that is beneficial to attorneys and others involved with estates and trusts is the “Decedent Advertisement Service.”


Often, after an individual passes away, the family or the attorney for the estate seeks to locate the decedent’s safe deposit box or boxes in order to locate wills, burial documents etc. For a search fee of $290.00 the family or attorney places a “Decedent Advertisement” with NYSSDA. 


NYSSDA asks its members, associates and friends via regular mail, e-mail and website notification if they have a box or boxes in the name of the decedent. If the NYSSDA member organization does have a box or boxes, it immediately notifies the person(s) placing the decedent advertisement.


This decedent advertisement service has been in effect for many years and often results in locating a decedent’s safe deposit box. Use of the decedent advertising service are part of an attorney’s due diligence procedures for decedents. 


To search for a decedent’s box, complete the “Decedent Advertisement” form and send it and a check made payable to the New York State Safe Deposit Association for $290.00 to Paul J. Sanchez, Executive Secretary, NYSSDA, 150 Main Street, Port Washington, NY 11050 or e-mail the information to or


Those interested in this valuable service should download a copy of the Decedent Advertising Form (PDF) then submit it to NYSSDA.




     ►  To complete and submit Download a copy of the Decedent Advertising Form (PDF)


     ►  Print and mail the completed form along with dues to: 


          c/o Paul J. Sanchez, Executive Secretary

          150 Main Street

          Port Washington, NY  11050