Member Benefits

NYSSDA provides each of its member organizations and each member’s safe deposit personnel with comfort that they will have timely access to current information, including trends, ideas, new developments, and pending and actual legal and regulatory requirements. Organizations that are serious about being in the safe deposit business use membership as an inexpensive way of staying abreast of industry happenings.


Annual dues for each member organization are only $775.00


How To Join!

NYSSDA cordially invites all organizations doing a safe deposit business to join and to participate actively in NYSSDA’s efforts to promote friendly cooperation and better safe deposit practices.  To obtain an application for membership click the MEMBER APPLICATION link on this website.


NYSSDA membership shows that your organization takes a serious view of the safe deposit business.


Where To Make Inquires!

The Executive Secretary can be reached by phone at (516) 883-2390.  Additionally, you can write to NYSSDA at P.O. Box 5074, Rockefeller Center Station, New York, NY 10185 or send an e-mail to or The Executive Secretary will be glad to discuss NYSSDA member information with anyone who is interested.  


NYSSDA Member Benefits

NYSSDA members are part of a unique group that has experience, knowledge and expertise in safe deposit business matters.


NYSSDA members enjoy the following benefits:


  • Members have access to the alert network of talented and knowledgeable safe deposit personnel who can answer day-to-day operational and other safe deposit questions.


  • Members receive Member Notices (both hard copy and electronic) throughout the year. The Member Notices update important matters that cover a wide range of issues such as:


    1. Access concerns

    2. Types of rental agreements

    3. Box surrender procedures

    4. Decedent issues

    5. Powers of Attorney issues

    6. Abandoned property procedure

    7. Auction possibilities and procedures


  • Employees of member organizations can attend the NYSSDA Educational Lecture Course (ELC) at reduced prices. Member organizations can bring NYSSDA in-house to conduct the ELC exclusively for its employees.


  • Member representatives are kept current about any new proposals, law changes, current happenings, events etc. that impact the safe deposit business.


 See MEMBER APPLICATION section of this website.



Click Here for the Membership Application



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